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A Salute to the Captain & The Winter Soldier

I just saw the new film ✩ Captain America: The Winter Soldier ✩. It was worth the price of admission and then some. There will not be any spoilers here. It’s just been released this weekend in the U.S. I prefer to let people see it for themselves, but if you care for spoilers there are many found elsewhere.

Poster of Captain America - Winter SoldierWhat I think I can tell you without spoiling the fun of it; there’s a lot of references to other characters in movies, and not all of them Marvel. See if you spot a link from Samuel L. Jackson’s past. For history buffs, references from the days of Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers.

I find the story holds up well in context and has less of a comic book “super hero” feel than most of the Marvel based movies. Those who reflect on their military service might also find segments in which they may relate to this movie.

As most who have seen the trailer(s), realize this movie positions itself well in observing the secret world of espionage and surveillance and the ongoing debate on freedom vs. security.

Alexander Pearce

Alexander Pearce

Themes such as that wouldn’t probably have been examined and put forth as well without the presence of strong supporting actors such as Robert Redford. He has a screen presence that goes beyond, “hit your marks and say your lines“.

In every movie I’ve seen with Samuel Jackson, I don’t walk away disappointed. His personality shows through and you have to smile, even when he’s being tough. It’s the same with this film.

Stay through the credits as there are two glimpses into the future, linking upcoming Marvel movies.

Another side note: Chris Evans performed all of the running, none of the stunt-men run like him. He’s reported to be quick so many of the choreographed fight scenes didn’t always use a stunt double.

Superman logo in Captain America - Winter SoldierI might suggest you see if you can spot another “easter egg” or two in this film. See what you think and leave comments if you like below.

Is it just me or does Chris Evans remind you of another actor many years in the past, Lyle Waggoner? They act somewhat the same and even sound similar in interviews.


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