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01 Aug
Roswell UFO crash 1947

Roswell UFO crash 1947 (alleged photo)

Star Trek Beyond is no longer beyond, at least not beyond us going to see it in theaters. The franchise, Star Trek, has been with us for over 50 years. Several of the original cast are still on Terra Firma. Sadly, a few of them are no longer with us. If there’s life after this one, then perhaps it can be said, they’re exploring strange new worlds. This one is certainly strange, all on its own.

I’ve thought about Start Trek tech since the series started. I always questioned things like, how can they be seeing things on their large flat screen viewer while traveling faster than the speed of light? Aren’t they outrunning any light reflected images? Does the ship anticipate where it must go to travel around planets, asteroids, suns, and debris? No computer system would be able to communicate to the helm faster than light speed.

There are others, but nothing fascinates me more than their short-range transport systems. It was said the idea for teleportation came about due to severe budget limitations of the original series. In order to arrive on a planet, they would have to create transportation that would look good enough on camera. They came up later with some small transport vehicles, which looked like boxes in space. The Transporter idea was sheer genius and harks back to the days when we as kids, could imagine ourselves transporting once we entered a large cardboard box. I suspect Gene Roddenberry recalled those kinds of child play experiences when he came up with the idea.

This does bring into question other ideas I had on the topic of using a device that could disassemble your molecules including DNA sequences, and successfully re-image them somewhere else. The whole process on the surface, sounds slightly possible, but deconstructing molecules, then assembling them, without being in a vacuum, appears to be fraught with potential disasters, such as seen in the movie, “The Fly“.

Then there’s another aspect, which Roddenberry and company left to our imagination, what about the soul? If there’s an ethereal component to humans, as some assert when they say we have a soul, spirit, anything other than our corporeal presence. If any of that is true, and that’s what really animates us as a person, then how do you teleport something which isn’t supposed to be physically definable?

I know this is all too much about too little, but it’s sort of fun. Now, where can I buy a hand phaser? That seems to be very practical device to carry around. We already have tele-communicators and electronic writing tablets.


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