Merging Skills Into a Profession

28 Feb

Occasionally we receive communication for someone with an idea, a book, or script to promote. Although we say up front, we’re not available for solicitations, this particular request is something we would like to assist in finding a place for this person to exhibit their skills professionally.

Here’s the original letter we received, and our posting for this video. If someone that sees this is interested in further contact with Jaydn, please do so directly.

Dear Sir/madam,

My son Jaydn Clark is a fantastic stunt professional looking to make a break into movies with his career, please see his you-tube video link below:

If you find this interesting or know of a different department that can or maybe help, could you please forward on or get in touch with me.

Any help or feedback will be greatly appreciated,

Best regards,

Let’s see if the magic of the Interweb works for this person starting out.


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