The Price of Original Action/Comedy

26 Feb

This review is a bit behind, but it serves to make a point. Wolverine_poster_2009 Deadpool was a long time coming, unless you count as a debut of the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. That film was roundly rejected by fans and Ryan Reynolds. It was the poorest representation of the comic book character that could be made.

This movie, released on Valentines day, 2016, in the US, is one of the most entertaining of all of the Marvel comic based films, up to this point.

Unfortunately the various trailers revealed too much of the wit and tone of the movie to be a surprise. The language used throughout the film, true to the character, isn’t for children. It did however serve to lighten the violence and over the top action sequences.

Speaking of action sequences; holy crap the CGI and stunt work were seamlessly stitched together in this film.

All I can say is, if you have the slightest inclination to see this film, aren’t particularly bothered by some nudity, a lot of references to sex acts, and strong language, go see this film. You will laugh and eat your popcorn in full on contentment.

You know that games and various other items associated with the film are going to make some serious coin. Here come the “collectibles“.



Parents need to know that Deadpool is an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 port of the original 2013 release, with higher-resolution graphics and sound, as well as the downloadable content previously offered in the original game. It’s a hyper-violent action game with gratuitous amounts of blood, gore, language, and other mature content. Throughout, Deadpool talks with characters in the game and in the audience, cracking wise with crass humor and visual puns that could be inappropriate for younger kids.


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