Name Your 10 Best Films of 2015

02 Jan
Name Your 10 Best Films of 2015

It’s time to review the films you liked and thought were the best for 2015.
The only criteria required, you have had to view them in their entirety. After all, how can they be your best choice if you didn’t watch anything other than a trailer or listened to someone else’s opinion?



 My 10 Best Films of 2015 

10 – ?
9 – ?
8 – ?
7 – Spy
6 – Ant Man
5 – Avengers – Age of Ultron
4 – The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
3 – Spectre
2 – Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation
1 –  Star Wars – The Force Awakens

There were quite a few pictures which I wanted to see, but missed them in ’15. These aren’t listed in any order. I’m unable to give them a rating.

Mad Max – Fury Road
The Hateful Eight
Clouds of Sils Maria
The Revenant
Inside Out
Jurassic World
Ex Machina
Love and Mercy
99 Homes

The most disappointing film for 2015 award goes to
 The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2


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