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14 Oct

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A very good friend of mine, an actress called Gillian Tully was so disappointed with the lacklustre efforts of the region’s film-makers to network and form alliances that she decided to take the bull by the horns and present the south of England’s first ever exhibition of talent and film services.

Gillian, the founder and C.E.O of FILM EXPO SOUTH (F.E.S) has organised for the event to be held at Southampton’s Ageas Bowl intending to not only link the area’s skill set but promote new film-makers and assist in producing and nurturing careers, both new and old.

I asked Gill to define the event. “It’s about raising awareness of what’s happening and who’s doing it”, she said. “It’s about collaboration. It’s about bringing together filmmakers and the talent and services necessary to create and sustain production, along the south coast.”

Why do we need to create a forum here, what’s wrong with utilising London-? It is after all the long-standing hub? “London is very expensive, overcrowded and too condensed. The industry is bigger than London but nobody realised the potential for networking here. it was very disjointed; so we needed a platform to shout from. F.E.S was designed to let the world know what’s happening, shake things up.

She is fast becoming an icon, a bright shining light in the dank dark depths that is the British film industry- championing film-makers of all background and demographic in the south of England. Gill has campaigned for change and unification of the local industry and will be presenting FILM EXPO SOUTH at the Ageas Bowl in West End in Southampton on the 4th of Feb 2016.

It is the movie industry’s premier event in the south of England, and should later become one of the diary noted primary exhibitions in Europe. Watch this space for new info. Be there.
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