Why the Super Hero?

03 Sep
Why the Super Hero?

Steven Spielberg sayssuperhero movies will die like Westerns.’

I don’t wish to disagree with someone so accomplished in the entertainment industry, and perhaps he’s right, in the strictest definition of comic books turned into large-scale movies, but the hero’s adventure is here to stay.

From Hercules to the Iliad, Jesus Christ, Bilbo Baggins, Superman, Batman or Luke Skywalker; humanity celebrates and promulgates mythical super heroes.

Joseph Campbell described with absolute clarity the development of character and the story of the hero and the adventure arc taken by each in order to achieve mythical status.

The Hero's adventure

The Hero’s adventure follows this pattern in every story.

Alain Delon as ZorroIt doesn’t matter if it’s drama, mystery or comedy, as long as it follows this tried and proven story path. If it’s going to be coherent and accepted by the public, these basic story elements need to be presented and explained.

We may not always be watching a Batman or Iron Man, but there have and will continue to be substitutes, whether it’s Doctor Who, Warrant Officer Ripley in Alien or a group of heroes, as in Ghost Busters.

We have seen westerns, spy thrillers and space operas such as Star Wars, and continue to follow religious heroes, and each have followed the mythical path from the ordinary world into some form of transcendence. This will continue well into the foreseeable future.

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