Pyrotechnics – Explosive Precision

12 Jun

I’ve been fortunate in knowing and having friends since childhood. They have gone on to achieve marvelous things in their lives. One of them has been involved with pyrotechnics as a serious hobby for several years.

To lift a quote from the Northern Lighter Pyrotechnics organization home page; “Northern Lighter Pyrotechnic, Inc. is a non-profit corporation formed for the purposes of promoting the safety, skill and artistry in pyrotechnics through education, research and providing the public with opportunities to enjoy well presented firework displays.  We are one of the oldest all-volunteer fireworks organizations in the United States with formal incorporation dating to 1977.

Here’s an example of the complexity and creativity of his choreographed creation. I played this through my home HD sound system and displayed this on a large flat screen television. The sound was re-mixed and timed with the video shot via a Go Pro Hero camera.

All of the timing was mapped out through careful precision using a computer. See the end credits for more details.

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