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09 Jun

SPOONBOY- “Do not try and bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead… only try to realise the truth.”

NEO- “What truth?”

SPOONBOY- “There is no spoon!”

Borg FantasyWe live in a world of fantasy and the fantastical. But is that which we perceive to be reality really just a gem idea, the fabric of a dream, a mutually acceptable and orchestrated theatre that is actually not too dissimilar to- ‘The Matrix’. 

The Matrix was a tale too terrible to tell- but told it was… human beings being utilised as batteries to supply life to an artificial intelligence born of Humanity. People were given virtual lives to occupy their brains while they survived in a comatose dream-like state, a deep stasis that when broken revealed the true horror of our lot in life.

Think about it… we drape ourselves in coloured rags boasting badass branding as though such garb should give us status above our fellow Man. Our capitalist lives are governed by the inexorable belief that if we earn more than Mr. Smith next door- we are somehow better than he. The monetary system is a form of enslavement through voluntary compliance- you work, you are paid in currency deemed to have worth which affords a standard of living which is desirable and begs continuance… or even betterment. We ride around in horseless carriages, eating animals that have been ‘processed’ and artistically placed upon a plate as though one were eating at the Tate. We hang in bars attracting the next easy conquest to our silken sheeted beds and boast to friends of last night’s shag-fest as though she weren’t a tramp at all but were a princess won on some honourable knight’s quest… We rant and rage and weep and wail about political change, religious exchange and other utterly pointless debate to express opinion and protest and perambulate, procrastinate, intellectualise and oscillate in tongues of every language of the land- but why? 

We have disguised the terrible and fearful truth of our existence to protect us from utter madness- our minds have expanded and been fed by the sciences that once were banned by the papal powers that held us heretics- to ransom in the hitherto darkest of ages… 

Once, we hunted animals for their flesh to survive, gathered fruits, nuts, berries and grains, worshipped the sun and the moon, the wind and the rain. We lived basic unobtrusive lives- there were no laws, violence was how the strong did thrive and respect through dominance was no different for every other race and creed or creature upon the Earth.

The Earth, our home… We live on a rock, inside a bubble of air, which is hurtling at breakneck speeds through the vast cold poisonous void of space. We are a seed riding the tide of time- as unimportant as other boulders that in the dark-skies collide… or are we unique and really special and basically sadly alone… or is our world envied by the evil minds behind yet unknown alien eyes? 

The world we have created is a lie, to help us get by… but without modern social interaction, education, emancipation, institution, bars, supermarkets and cinemas- where would we be? Humankind is limited only by the boundaries of imagination- we shall go forth, spread out into the cosmos and multiply and continue until ascension or destruction as the Universe reverses its expansion and races backward toward its origin and oblivion. 

But hey- ha, it’s not all doom and gloom y’know. We are here, we exist, we shall continue for billions of years. I just hope it is with kindness and philanthropy, for these things are real and necessary. Wars will either seal our fate or dissipate but remember this- right now, this very moment in time you are alive and standing upon the edge of a precipice, a great void, a chasm that bars the road ahead… We inch forward and try to glimpse the future, the yet to be determined events and situations unfolding like Cleopatra’s carpet as we go… 

Humanity is evolving- it may be that we will one day enhance our physical and mental sophistication by way of merging with our technologies. It’s already really happening… We might become cybernetic organisms like the Borg (no wonder he was so good at tennis)… It will begin by grafting ID badges beneath our skin, then cellphones in our hands and then an Internet uplink directly running from our brains- everyone will know the same… individuality will cease to be… but now and then- a human being will break free and a person will be born again. We are living in The Matrix… take my advice- if you should see the ‘bunny’… then flee- escape… break the hex, the curse of thoughtless habit- follow the white rabbit… 


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