Ups & Downs of Entertainment Industry

12 May

Everyone is aware that the business of being an actor, director, writer or producer has it’s successes and failures. Among one of those routine moments, TV network show cancellations. The classic example of this fickle nature of entertainment is illustrated by the Star Trek franchise. The TV show only ran for 3 seasons, September 8, 1966 – June 3, 1969. It was continually supported by fans afterwards. The sudden awakening of studio executives came about after the success of the first Star Wars movie, followed in the same year (1977) by Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Star Trek, the Movie kick started the franchise in 1979 and there have been numerous TV spinoffs as well.

Forever TV image courtesy of ABCThe TV series Forever, was cancelled shortly after the season finale The lead in this series, Ioan Gruffudd, was surprised by this cancellation, however his recent comments are worth reading.. Read what he has to say.

Such is the nature of this business. Perhaps the fans will help persuade executives from another media outlet to take a hard look at this show.

Meanwhile, for those of you that have followed the antics of the presenters of Top Gear UK, especially Jeremy Clarkson, know that Mr. Clarkson has perhaps one of the least controlled mouths in public. Sometimes the crew itself has gotten into trouble; like the time they were on an extended drive through Argentina. Clarkson has singularly been one of the  biggest pains in the back side to BBC executives for years, resulting in him being sacked after a physical altercation with a producer.1 The BBC decided last year, they had enough of Mr. Clarkson, in spite of his popularity and the success of Top Gear.

No matter, the presenter triad of James May, Richard Hammond, and Jeremy Clarkson, seem to have found an outlet for their impish talents and will take their show on the road.

ITV is in talks with the 3, as we see time may indeed wound all heels…

1 – It is understood a report into the so-called ‘fracas’ at a North Yorkshire hotel, concluded that presenter spent 20 minutes verbally abusing producer Oisin Tymon, before launching a 30 second physical assault on him.

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