Television Drama – Castle & The Mentalist

16 Feb

Stana Katic, Nathan FillionSomething old and something new for the fans of these two television programs. Those who have watched the dramedy series Castle, have seldom been disappointed. There have been some comedic and very serious episodes.

Tonight (Monday February 16th), ABC will air the 2nd part of a series called “Reckoning”. If you haven’t seen the 1st episode it will be better if you use Hulu+ or the online Castle ABC TV page to review before the 2nd part at 10 PM EST.

"Once Upon A Time In The West"

“Once Upon A Time In The West”

Some fans have complained about wanting to see only the lighter or romance side in season 7. I’m pleased to see the writers willingness to change things up, instead of staying with the same story line. I’m still trying to recover from seeing Stana Katic in the hot western outfit she wore in Season 7 episode 7, “Once Upon A Time In The West“. –>


The preview below shows a rougher side of Richard Castle after the abduction of Kate Beckett by the two master criminals, Dr. Nieman and 3XK, Jerry Tyson.


The Mentalist is a story of a former entertainer, Patrick Jane (Simon Baker), who posed as a psychic before his wife and daughter were murdered by a serial killer. Jane became an independent consultant working with the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to solve crimes, but prioritized his attention on solving the serial killer (Red John) murders.

Simon Baker & Robin Tunney in the MentalistAfter this serial killer was finally confronted by Jane in the 6th season, the story arc changed after he took a hiatus in Mexico. A mostly new group of law enforcement characters were introduced from the FBI, where Patrick Jane has settled into working with them. His former CBI Handler, Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney), was always a back story romantic interest of will they or won’t they, but in this last episode, they are supposed to tie the knot.

The Mentalist final 2 hour episode on CBS Wednesday, Feb. 18, at 8 p.m. EST.

This series floundered for a while in season 6 after the dramatic confrontation between Jane & Red John, but part way through season 7, it caught a second wind for me. I will be sad to see it end.


Update to posting – last night viewing results:

Castle: Season 7 Episodes 14 & 15 boost ratings

Castle: Season 7 Episodes 14 & 15 boost ratings

Total viewers for Castle increased by 14% and held steady in the statistically important commercial age range of adults 18-49.

Castle drew its biggest audience in 11 weeks and matched a 12-week viewership high with young adults, since 11/24/14 & 12/1/14.


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