I’ll Swap You My Three Pigs For Your Cow

12 Feb

We all want money… but sometimes barter is the best way of creating a deal. That’s if you have a product or service or something that can be utilised.

September started well, shot a couple of commercials for a local Bishop’s Waltham business ‘Doctor MX5’. We struck up a barter deal as funds were low and I needed a fair amount of work done to my little Sport M2 MX5. Garage owner Julian Cox wanted to promote his business through YouTube and other net-based solutions, so I pulled a wee team together including biz partner Robert Clother (D.P), Peter Dobson (tech and editor), and Soberton’s recently returned globetrotter, Theresa Higham (make-up etc). We came up with a cool premise and filming took place at their Woodman’s Farm facility on my Birthday.

Julian’s head mechanic and new partner to be — Dan Koralewski starred as a surgeon alongside Julian, and debuting Sarah Bradshaw (a young Anglo-American actress/filmmaker ‘in the making’) with music genius and pub-strummer Richard Marshall portraying a slightly camp (just kidding Rich) but ‘satisfied’ customer. The ads were both shot the same day. Waltham’s own, Sarah Jane Louise Cook, played a naughty nurse, while Mr Koralewski portrayed a stunned automobile owner, in the second. It was such a good laugh, as these things usually are. The two-minute clips went live on 29 December 2014.

To minimise cost, we used on-site location instead of a studio environment. We had the guys dress a corner of the garage with white drapes (marquee sidings supplied by Jason Carne of Landmark Marquees), and we hit that with a shed light and a few props to create the feeling of a clinical surgical environment. The second ad had poor Sarah Jane sprawled across a car bonnet… in broad daylight… with a film crew… Ah – just another ordinary day…

Julian sent me a rather handsome quote for this article – stating: “We are immensely pleased with the commercials and impressed with the production team. From discussing ideas through to filming and the edit stages, we had plenty of feedback and loads of fun! Thank you Hothead.”

With decades of combined film-making experience, HOT HEAD CREATIVE covers all aspects of production; from commercials, corporate and music videos, to TV programme creation. We have experience in fiction, documentary to fully developed movies. If you’re considering promoting your business through video advertising, do give us a shout.

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