Incredible Morphing Man

28 Nov

Mickey Rourke is a colorful personality. He made an interesting tragic figure in the Wrestler and a solid villain in Iron Man 2.
He stepped away from his acting career while young to pursue boxing. The results of his boxing were some permanent damage to his boyish good looks. Plastic surgery may have improved the damage but it certainly was a far step away from his earlier years.

Once he got back into acting though, he has been a welcomed performer. There’s a lot of depth in the man if you hear him on some interviews, although if he’s bored, you can tell he’s just blowing it off.  A recent exhibition boxing match in Moscow finds Mickey Rourke back in the ring. He won after two rounds against an opponent over 30 years younger. Evidently he’s lost none of his determination.

Meanwhile rumors swirl about another reincarnated actor, Robert Downey Jr. reprising his role as Iron Man in Captain America ‘Civil War’. In some manner shape or form, it’s to be about the super hero conflict either in support of or against superhuman registration. The seven-issue limited series was seminal work for the graphic novel genre. How closely the movie will follow the story line is not being made public.

I’ve thought, how much longer can this Marvel & DC Comics movie genre continue? Surely the public will tire of the movies just as the westerns died off. If Marvel has its way, it won’t be anytime soon. They announced a 9 picture release schedule up to 2019.


Mickey Rourke age 62 weighs in for boxing match

Mickey Rourke age 62 weighs in for boxing match

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