Music Tech or Honey . . I Just Printed a New Band . .

24 Sep
electric guitar

Click on the image to watch the 3D printed instruments.

Since just after the invention by Lee DeForest adding the grid element to the Fleming Valve, changes began with using electrical impulses and distortions to alter the way music sounds.

Now we see another use of digital tech in an analog world. Using 3D printing to create musical instruments.

Les Paul (born: Lester William Polsfuss) pioneer of the solid body electric guitar used for rock & roll; played jazz, country, and blues. He was also a songwriter, luthier and inventor. His long list of inventions and discoveries changed the music world forever.

Now we are presented with new inventive talent using 3D printing technology. Professor Olaf Diegel at Lund University in Sweden says he has formed the world’s first musical band made up of 3D-printed musical instruments.

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