Sit Back & Enjoy the Hype

05 Sep

As the new American Television season is about to begin, the hype has increased on the Internet.

To be or not to be . . .
Many fans are looking forward to the new season 7 of Castle because of the cliff hanger at the end of season 6. I’m bemused / fascinated reading the comments written by fans on social media. Many are upset they didn’t get to see the wedding between Richard Castle (fiction writer) and Kate Beckett (NYPD detective) due to a last-minute MacGuffin in the final episode. Some are demanding a wedding ASAP or threaten to quit watching. Really?! I don’t think so….

While on his way to his fair maiden, anxiously waiting in a wedding dress, Richard Castle is driving alone, when suddenly a black vehicle charges up beside him and runs him off the road. We’re left with a frantic, weeping Kate Becket looking down at the car on fire without further explanation. Oh….. the agony… while we nervously await how they’re going to bring back Castle. Don’t get too concerned people, after all the show is named after him….

Speaking of fan input, here’s a YouTube video which a fan created as an interpretation of what they think will be the beginning of Season 7.

Not bad, right?
Who knows what new friction between characters the writers have in store however, there’s definite plans for episode 2 and beyond. I didn’t see an announcement they were planning to change the title from ‘Castle’ to ‘Beckett’ or ‘Niki Heat’. I just hope they won’t turn this excellent dramedy into an evening soap opera.

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