Another Tree Falls

25 Aug

While receiving acclaim for his acting skill, Richard Attenborough felt a need to be challenged further and became the person behind the camera. He started acting before most of us were born; his breakthrough role came as a psychopathic young gangster, Pinkie Brown, in the 1947 film, Brighton Rock.

Richard Attenborough debut 1940's

Richard Attenborough debut 1940’s

He starred alongside many other Hollywood notables in such films as The Flight of the Phoenix, The Sand Pebbles, Doctor Dolittle,The Great Escape, Brannigan, and Jurassic Park but his Direction in films won him even greater acclaim. Mr. Attenborough, risked most of his life savings to cover the $22 million cost in making Gandhi. His 20 year pursuit to make the film paid off at the box office and put him firmly on the map as a creative Director. His last Directorship was the film Grey Owl, starring Pierce Brosnan.

Richard Attenborough has moved on from his earthly role, 24 August 2014. Father of 3 and husband of Sheila Sim, he is survived by her and 2 children as well as 2 younger brothers. His daughter Jane and a granddaughter preceded him when they were killed in the 2004 South Asian tsunami. Further details can be found in this link. Washington Post 24 August.

One of his noticeable included actors for any film he directs is Anthony Hopkins.

Richard Attenborough as John Hammond in Jurassic Park

Attenborough as John Hammond in Jurassic Park



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  1. chrisbarfoot

    25/08/2014 at 13:33

    My pal Ian Cunningham and I had the pleasure of getting pissed with him in Cannes a bunch of years back. He was there launching the ‘new’ M4 Studios… which became an office park I believe. He was a good soul- and a good laugh who insisted we call him Uncle Dickie. Flamboyant, eccentric and generous to a fault- ye shall be greatly missed Uncle Dickie.

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