Odds against you? Need help? Call – ‘The Equalizer’.

14 Aug
Edward Woodward as 'The Equalizer' 1985-89

Edward Woodward as ‘The Equalizer’ CBS 1985-89

So it goes as a start with a newspaper advertisement routinely placed by Robert McCall in established episodes of “The Equalizer’.

The premise of the TV show was; an intelligence operator retires in New York and becomes a private detective helping various threatened clients out of their jam(s) at no charge to them. McCall enlists the aid of his former contacts of the spy agency from which he retired much to the consternation of his former handler called “Control”.

There were many established and future stars who appeared in the series, combined with Edward Woodward’s excellent thespian skill, gave the series gravitas.

Musical score was memorable throughout, principally by Stewart Copeland & Cameron Allan.

The New York city based series started in 1985 and lasted through the lead actor (Edward Woodward) suffering a heart attack in 1987, temporarily replaced by two very competent actors, Richard Jordan and Robert Mitchum, and ended in 1989.

The timing of the show was just right as many people were disgusted with the level of crime and the inability of the police force to protect them. Edward Woodward added a level of competence by his stellar acting skill. He had played similar spy / contract killer roles before in the UK.

As has been said before, “there’s a new sheriff in town“, harrumph, “Equalizer‘. I can’t think of a better actor for this lead role. The actor, Denzel Washington.

The release date for this picture is 26 September 2014. I believe the odds for this movie being worthwhile to see are very favorable.

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