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03 Aug

When you create a legend, it’s necessary to honor that legend in a way that reminds us of where we were, that doesn’t forget what the iconic reference meant to people in the past. From there the writers and directors can adjust the time line to now or the future.

Here’s one of those references that are part of a cult movie. The movie was “The Big Lebowski”. It’s worth seeing this movie at least once. For some it just screams cult status.

Jeff Bridges throwing out the 1st pitch at a LA Dodgers Game

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman - Zack Snyder Twitter post.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman: Zack Snyder Twitter

Zack Snyder posted this about a week ago on Twitter

Perhaps I’m being too critical, but this is another example where I don’t believe this represents the kind of Wonder Woman we should be seeing in current movies.

This image seems to place emphasis on an unreasonable look for her. If we want a modern interpretation, perhaps there should be less emphasis on a model pose. An updated Wonder Woman should show body structure like a male cast as “Man of Steel”. After all aren’t these people supposed to be super human?

Maybe we need to give equality to a strong woman image and not look for a person chosen more on her stunning looks.


Even the older TV image starring Lynda Carter lent greater credibility.

Lynda Carter as comic book hero Wonder Woman - 70's TV

Lynda Carter as comic book hero Wonder Woman – 70’s TV

Here’s what other people think about this topic

It appears I’m not alone in my assessment of using small model types rather than a woman at or near 6 foot with body structure suggesting real strength for female super heroes. Sexism alone will prevent the obvious casting of a fitness model under the tiara, a woman who can rival not only Superman’s power set, but his physique as well. ~ the nerds of color dot org.

Why the wrong Fast and the Furious actress was cast as Wonder Woman.
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