Prologue: Microfluidic Animatronics

22 Jun

Prologue: Microfluidic AnimatronicsWhat could I now do? What were the limits of this new experience? Was I now completely independent and able to work and live on my own under my own terms? How would this be accepted by those who knew and helped me for all these many years? How must I appear to them, and how should I act with this new found freedom?

There were so many questions. Questions without answers. Sensations with no prior experience in which I could associate. Whatever these new sensations, an indisputable probity will come forth and I will embrace it with all the distinction and merit it deserves.

Cedric Edward Aldemy is only 22 years old but has already endured a lifetime of suffering. Born severely handicapped with all 4 limbs that never completed. Left with flipper like stubs that grew just past the first joint. His eye sight is so poor he is only able to make out shapes when the area around the object is brightly lit and at a distance of less than a foot away.

In a lottery the winner is selected at great odds by chance. Cedric is almost more annoyed by the name he was given than his physical impediments. Now he faces a new challenge as well as opportunity. Approached by Doctor Thomas Wu. Doctor Wu is head of a group of scientists, robotic engineers, and medical doctors who have combined their research efforts to create artificial limbs which integrate physically as well as electrically to the body. Cedric if willing, will undergo extensive surgery in stages.

From beginning to a point of promise, adaptation, success and failures. We will be part of that observation. This is his story. in an on-line novel.

Da Vinci Atomatronic model

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