Will They or Won’t They – Detective Shows & Romance

13 May

Over the years I’ve watched a lot of Television. Admittedly, probably way too often. I’ve engaged in staring at a box with 4:3 images and usually monophonic sound. I’ve become more selective. It probably started with pseudo crime shows often glamorizing, the protagonist(s), sometimes elevating them to mythical proportion. Even those which have attempted to portray criminal activity or violence were in most cases simply a light treatment or the object of censorship.

Cinema broke the ground and started depicting violence and criminal activity in ways Television wasn’t allowed. Still, we were only presented stories and images designed to portray law enforcement as an admirable calling and criminals as vicious, deceitful and working out a short cut to riches and sometimes control of other people.

For the past 6 seasons, a few crime drama romance stories have been spun for TV serials. The ones that stand out are Castle, The Mentalist & Bones.

Each one has their own take on crime behavior and insight in the pursuit of investigation of those who perpetrate the abhorrent behavior. The Mentalist is somewhat different from the other two but still incorporates the crime scenes with a little hint of romance. The show reminds me of a series led by Bill Bixby many years back, The Magician.

Leading the pack in an early nod to first female TV detective lead and a future role model, but limited to one season – Honey West


Bones uses the skilled medical examiner role for the attractive female lead in an American crime, comedy & drama television series.

Tonight on Castle, the answer to the question, or perhaps not, will Richard Castle, a writer on forever temporary assignment with the NY police, finally marry Kate Beckett, the intelligent and extremely attractive police detective?

Although this show was named after the male lead, in point of fact almost no one would agree he’s the show lead. Detective Kate Beckett does more than capture the “bad guys”, she’s got our attention captured this evening.


Well it looks like it ended as a cliff-hanger.  So we wait to season 7.

Castle Season 7

Castle Cast

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