News About an Upcoming Super Hero Movie

14 Apr

Do you want to know what happens in a future comic book action hero film? Well here goes, but I recommend leaving this page if you don’t want to find out what happens.

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Max (Electro) and Oscorp have a falling out over a power grid Max designed that he feels the company stole. Harry uses that leverage to recruit Electro as muscle to help him break into Oscorp. Max helps him thinking he’s needed by Harry. Electro imprisons Ravencroft director Dr. Kafka (Marton Csokas) in an electric-shock cage, before he and Goblin / Harry set out to wreak havoc.

After the run in Peter first has with both Electro and separately with Rhino, he realizes he’s going to have serious problems with both of them together. Peter Parker’s father was someone who had close ties with Shield. He calls on the assistance of Tony Stark to help defeat Electro & the Rhino. Tony builds a special suit that looks and acts like Spider-Man. When Electro confronts this suit in a second battle, his electrical discharges only help give more power to the suit. Finally, Electro wears himself out trying to blast Spider-Man into oblivion. In this confrontation with Spider-Man, Peter manages eventually to plant some doubt into Max about the intentions of Harry. This helps in a later battle as Electro and Harry have a falling out. Goblin Jr. goes off the rails, which leaves the door open for a full-fledged Norman Osborn Goblin sequel in Amazing Spider-Man 3.

All images owned by Sony Pictures

All images owned by Sony Pictures

As the Rhino approaches he knows he has some weaponry that Spider-Man can’t cope with and an ace up his sleeve. Just in case Spider-Man defeats him this time, he and Osborn have a plan in place. They’re about to kidnap Gwen Stacey as leverage against Spider-Man / Peter Parker. They both know his identity and his love interest.

Amazing Spider Man swinging through traffic

Amazing Spider Man – All rights reserved Sony Pictures

Rhino meets Spider-Man in an epic street battle, but unknown to him, Spider-Man has left behind the Spider(Iron)Man suit to battle it out with him and through intelligence gathered by a friend in Baxter Tower, he receives a tip Gwen is in danger and goes off to fight that battle, leaving the Spider-Man suit in full remote mode against Rhino.

I’m not going to tell anything more about what happens to Gwen, you’ll just have to go see the movie.

Note: (all of the above was simply my imagination. You didn’t really think I was going to spoil the film, did you??)

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