The Mentalist in decline?

20 Mar

The Mentalist Simon BakerFor those that have their favorite TV shows, the continuation of a series is often successful when an audience forms an emotional bond. The development of the characters and how well they appeal to their audience creates this affinity. The emotional appeal usually overrides the writing or the lack of original script

The Mentalist is one of the longer running male female detective partnerships. There are others such as Castle and Bones. The Mentalist has held off on boy meets girl, boy chases girl, girl rebuffs boy, boy and girl get together after all. The other two I mentioned have followed this typical formula.

The major plot device is described below for those not familiar with the series. The 6th season introduces us to a new episode in a typical police procedural, comedy-drama hybrid with Simon Baker as Patrick Jane still the impish but extremely savvy lead. The show is being considered for cancellation after The Mentalist is no longer searching for Red John. An index score of 0.72 suggests the ratings aren’t sufficiently high enough to continue. The show initially had an average of over 15 million viewers for the first 3 seasons. After the first 14 episodes into season 6, there have been only around 9 million viewers per episode.

The Mentalist grouping of some of the regulars.

So, if you have watched this show routinely or for that matter, more recently, do you think the show has reached a point where it should end? Has the show “jumped the shark”? Comment below if you want and let us know what you think….

The Mentalist series follows Patrick Jane, an independent consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) based in Sacramento, California. Although not an officer of the law, he uses skills from his former career as a successful yet admittedly fraudulent psychic medium to help a team of CBI agents solve murders. The ultimate goal of Patrick Jane in his cooperation with the CBI is to track down the killer known as “Red John,” who was responsible for the brutal murders of his wife and daughter. At the end of season 5, Patrick Jane catches up with Red John. Season 6 jumps forward 2 years post Red John and begins with a new group of characters with 4 from the prior episodes.

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