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19 Mar

Now that we’re getting closer to the release of the new Amazing Spiderman 2 movie, the interest and buzz is being ratcheted up.

Harry Osborn armors up as a villain fighting Spiderman

Harry Osborn armors up as a villain fighting Spiderman

Catch a glimpse of several villains in this latest released trailer. Will we suffer from villain overload like the last series in Spiderman 3? It’s not an easy task to put forward, but we have high hopes from this and other trailers.

The last movie or rather the first one starring Andrew Garfield in the role of Spiderman, was a bold and imaginative beginning for a new series last starring Toby Maguire. There are many comparisons being made between the prior 3 Sam Rami directed movies and the current series which are helmed by Marc Webb. On the door step of the 2nd in the series, Marc Webb has already announced he will culminate his tenure with the 3rd film although 4 are currently in the offing.

One thing missed in the new series were those light-hearted moments featuring the friend of Rami, Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead movies). Bruce has come along way in his popularity since the days of The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. I figure anyone who started out as a kid running around the house dressed as Zorro has a promising future as an actor. It worked for Douglas Fairbanks..

Among the many plot twists in this 2nd Spiderman movie are the demise of Gwen Stacey and the emergence of another later comic book villain, A. Smythe, Presumably, Alistair Smythe. Rather than speculate how that all goes down, let’s see what gets leaked before the release and if nothing else, there will be plenty of comments post release.

Gwen Stacey with Peter Parker (Spiderman)

spiderman reacts gwen stacey death

Andrew Garfield (AKA Spiderman) faces the loss of someone close.

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One response to “More than a little web slinging…

  1. Chris Barfoot

    19/03/2014 at 21:56

    A brilliant read Mike. I do want to see the movie, but these days execs flood flicks with cgi and ruin the flick. May as well watch a cartoon.. I don’t know… just bugs me.

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