No – Know – Noah

13 Feb

It was bound to happen, as sure as the sun rises the next day. Once a movie is in production with a religious theme, there are going to be critics and controllers ready to engage and pounce on anything they find disagreeable

cloud over arkA movie based on the Biblical Noah is a daunting challenge. Not from a special effects aspect, we’ve already seen something similar in ‘Day After Tomorrow’ (2002). The challenge is satisfying those who take this story as literally true with every written aspect as absolute.

As a point of review if you aren’t familiar with the background story, in the Old Testament, God decides that he’s had enough with the people of the world, their sins and their rejection of all things asked of them by God. He calls upon Noah to build a massive ship large enough to safely gather his immediate family and a male – female pair of every animal along with 7 pairs of selected species. This ship must house everyone for estimates of over a year. As the waters rise, the “Ark” along with 8 people and a lot of animals witness the massive flooding all around them. The waters rise according to the story to cover everything, leaving no land for refuge.

Here’s an official trailer for Noah, the movie.

After hearing warnings of the dangers of veering too far away from the biblical text, Darren Aronofsky is at odds with Paramount and various religious groups. The studio knew going in the film would be difficult to satisfy all constituencies. Let’s just hope the groups most likely to watch won’t turn away because everything isn’t exactly as written in the Old Testament.

See this link for further background; Rough Seas Ahead


The Bible suggests the ark cargo was limited to land-breathing vertebrate animals—corresponding to modern birds, mammals, and reptiles, as well as their extinct counterparts. In Leviticus 11, (min in Hebrew, in Genesis 1:11–12, 21, 24–25) was a much broader category than the modern term of classification, species. Research suggests that the created kind most closely corresponded to the family level in current taxonomy. However, to be conservative in this study, the genus was set as equivalent to the original created kind. The “clean animals” entered the ark in seven pairs, these additional animals, are notably bovids (cow-like mammals) and cervids (deer-like mammals). Conservative assumptions, there were no more than 16,000 land animals and birds on the ark.

The ark had three decks (floors). Assuming they required approximately the same floor space as animals in typical farm enclosures or labs today would allow compaction. The vast majority of the creatures (birds, reptiles, and mammals) are small. The largest animals were probably selections from young giving them a chance to reproduce over several years. These large animals would include elephants, giraffes, rhinos, and some believe dinosaurs. Inclusion of dinosaurs, requires a real stretch to imagine considering methods of dating fossils.


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2 responses to “No – Know – Noah

  1. Chris Barfoot

    13/02/2014 at 20:33

    Really good piece Mike. Most people will realise this is just a movie- although sometimes the God Squad are on a different planet… Most Americans believe they alone won the War… as depicted in American movies, LOL… Rewriting history is a part of American history. I don’t mean that to sound insulting- it’s just a fact.

    I look forward to seeing this new work of fiction – or fact, depending upon one’s perspective, education, mental state or theological preference.

    • mlvngstn

      13/02/2014 at 21:09

      Thank you!

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