A Work In Progress

03 Dec

Headed to town today with my friend, Victor D Thorn. Working toward involving others in the project. It’s early days but progress requires action.

Met with a lovely lady to gauge her interest in the project. She’s incredibly talented, we would be honoured if she wanted to join us. We’ll announce names if we get the go ahead.

Hell’s Gate The Risen
Hell’s Gate is set during the Serb Croat war in the mid Nineties.
US and UK soldiers are escorting POWs to a carrier in the Adriatic but are felled by a freak electrical storm. They seek refuge in a deserted village, only to find madness and murder!

The action takes place over the course of one night. One very bad night.

Links of Further Interest
Use this if the enemy is dug in?

This is used if the enemy is dug in?

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