C’mon – We All Do It

17 Nov

Doing it may mean different things to different people. So, before your imagination runs wild, I’m talking about singing in the car. I bet everyone that reads this post has accompanied their music playing in the car. The next likely place would be in the shower. I’m sure I’ve annoyed more than a passenger or two singing in the car…

Unless you have lived completely removed from modern entertainment, you know about the movies which star Tom Hiddleston. Here’s a segment from a German talk show with him in it.

A German talk show called “Stars in Cars” gets Tom Hiddleston to sing “Stand By Me”.
Let’s see if he does it in a low key… Sorry, couldn’t help that…

Does this video make you want to break out the Lederhosen and practice your yodels?

Next thing you know, you’ll be looking to find — Shrek Karoke Dance Party lyrics.

So tell us, where have you sang your heart out? Don’t be shy!


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