JFK Assassination: New films

19 Sep

JFK assassination: Parkland is a new film that tells a story mostly on the reactions of those caught up in those moments. A film to be released in early October 2013.  The title of the film comes from the name of the hospital where Kennedy was taken after the shooting. This film describes the story from the observer’s perspective; those people caught up in the events of the day. After all the books and films we’ve had on this assassination, the creators and producers found a different angle to tell this story on-screen.

JFK motorcade Dallas

JFK Motorcade Dallas TX Nov. 22, 1963

Peter Landesman, a former journalist, said he wanted to show what happened to the doctors, nurses, secret service agents, police and everyday people like Zapruder who were there on November 22, 1963 for an event that changed their lives forever. Conspiracy theories, which have been rampant since the assassination, do not figure in “Parkland“, Landesman said. “For 50 years…the conspiracy speculation mythology has occupied a lot of emotion and intellectual real estate. That’s there, that conversation is being had and always being had, it will never end. Our focus was really on the emotions, truths and survival.”

This is a topic of great sensitivity to someone who lived and remembers the event in vivid detail. Almost anyone that lived during that time and old enough to be aware, knows where they were and what they were doing. It is an indelible moment in our collective personal history. It was shocking for everyone even if you weren’t in Dallas near the motorcade. Things ground to a halt for most of us as we listened or watched the news just after the first announcement that Kennedy had been shot. The immediate reaction by most is this wouldn’t end up the way it did. Many of us didn’t want to believe it even after his death was announced.

Lee Harvey Oswald shot by Jack Ruby Nov 24, 1963

Oswald shot by Jack Ruby Nov. 24, 1963

The next 48 hours after the JFK assassination were almost as eventful and were observed as if it were a continuation of a macabre play.

Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard recently published a book “Killing Kennedy” which has spawned a movie to be televised by National Geographic, scheduled to air on Nov 10th, the 50th anniversary of the assassination. Killing Kennedy will be released globally in 171 countries, in 48 languages. It stars Rob Lowe as John F. Kennedy and Ginnifer Goodwin as Jacqueline Kennedy.

How well these films are received are yet to be determined. Years later many of us ‘want all the facts’ surrounding this assassination of Kennedy and Oswald and think the real questions as to motive and killer(s) haven’t been adequately answered.


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2 responses to “JFK Assassination: New films

  1. Gerry Segal

    20/09/2013 at 03:07

    John . F. Kennedy’s assassination happened 50 years ago and a majority of Americans do not believe The Warren Commission Report. After 50 years of denials, free the files.

    “Sunny Day in Dallas” – Gerry Segal

    • mlvngstn

      20/09/2013 at 17:25

      I sympathize with your thoughts about the John F. Kennedy assassination. I think there wasn’t as much of a desire for truth as it was to come to a conclusion before something larger arose from accurate disclosure. This blog is primarily about films, theater and entertainment, so we won’t delve into this further. There are innumerable web sites and books which do a better job.

      – Mike Livingston

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