Someone Bring the Shades?

09 Sep
Cast from SOA

Sons of Anarchy cast  – click to watch video

There are science fiction fans and there are those who are fans of a particular book, TV show or movie. I became interested in Sci-fi once I started reading Isaac Asimov, later Arthur C. Clarke. They both did their homework before putting pen to paper. As much as I loved their work, whenever a storyline is developed around motorcycles, I’m interested. Sci-fi takes a back seat to bikes and those that live within the culture.

Sons of Anarchy, written by Kurt Sutter, is about an outlaw motorcycle club operating in Charming, California. A fictional town in Central Valley. The show involves the wheeling and dealing of a 1% club that survives by close-knit camaraderie while doing just about anything it wants illegally. For awhile, the club managed to keep a good public relations profile within the host community. Their principal message was, we keep rampant criminality and street drugs out. Along with that they enhanced their public image by doing under the table deals with the local town police. Things often don’t go as planned when rival motorcycle clubs, drug gangs, gun runners and various law enforcement become involved.

Sons of Anarchy group hangout

Sons of Anarchy original cast – click for G+ meet

The one thing that keeps me watching the TV show is the feel of authenticity. Sutter seems to understand the inner workings of an MC to a degree which doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination. It’s there in front of you to either follow or walk away from. There are many fine actors in roles which are written that allow them to portray a depth and feel which many in the industry couldn’t bring to the table.

The central protagonist, Jackson “Jax” Teller (Charlie Hunnam), starts out as club vice president. Early on he discovers a diary written by his deceased father, one of the founding members and President of the original club. He begins questioning his own choices and his own life in the club just as his father had before him. None of the choices he has to make are easy. Loyalty to the club and it’s members are paramount but as new people enter his life as well as others, things get complicated. He becomes a family man and begins to consider those implications against the back drop of an outlaw life.

In addition to the role of Jax we have his step-father Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman) as club president and his mother, Gemma Teller Morrow (Katey Sagal), who we fondly remember as a completely different mother in the long running comedy, Married… with Children. There’s screen interaction along with all of the other club members is a story filled with the intrigue similar to Hamlet with a bit of Macbeth. Clearly the resemblance may be there but those unacquainted with Shakespeare won’t miss anything by not knowing those early 17th century scripts.

Charlie Hunnam has become an actor with a far-reaching arc beyond the SOA. He has been announced to have the lead role in a movie based on the book Fifty Shades of Grey. One in a trilogy, the future box office success will determine whether more will be made either with or without Mr. Hunnam. Having seen him in the SOA as well as in the lead of a recent Sci-fi movie, Pacific Rim, I’m quite sure his acting career will be anything but grey.

One thing is certain for me, I’m a fan of Kurt Sutter’s writing. It’s not for the faint of heart or those which find comfort in shallow simple plots.

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