You want who for Batman?

07 Aug

Oh c’mon, please, these can’t be the finalists? Of course it’s too early to tell and the media is in full speculation mode on who will play the next Batman. The problem I have with even thinking about these two are, one of them looks to be great for the next western or gangster film and the other has the reverse midas touch. I can’t recall a movie of late, where the other brought anything of significance to his role. If you can’t figure out which one I’m describing, that’s just as well because I don’t see either of these as the next caped crusader.

My choice would be Richard Armitage as Batman

from a graphic drawing ~ francis tsai

There have been problems in selecting the right person for this role numerous times. Some of the earlier Batman films should have had a different group of writers than the ones that ended up with the project. We are all still asking ourselves, what were they thinking about when they selected the Clooney and O’Donnel duo?

Meanwhile, Screen Rant has a different take on who might or should be the next Batman.  I agree with Screen Rant, these two would be a better choice, Matt Bomer or Richard Armitage. We have seen the artful and nuanced performance of Matt Bomer in the TV series, White Collar. Equally adept in performance plus the right body type as well as possessing on-screen fighting skills, Richard Armitage portrayed a troubled spy in MI-5 (Spooks).  Richard Armitage would be my first choice to play the Batman / Bruce Wayne dark mystery man.

I’m curious what you might think about who should be the next Batman.


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