Pssst . . . Can I tell you a secret?

05 Aug

Well of course I can’t, because it wouldn’t be a secret then would it? Well, there’s another problem with the secret of not keeping a secret, once known we are then challenged to look at it and figure out if anything is going to be done about it. That “it” I’m referring to is the one of age. You see we’ve come a long way in addressing problems of inequity, nationality or race, religion or no religious affiliation and even gender but the one that seems to draw the least amount of public ire is over age discrimination.

It’s understandable we all seem to want to minimize the process of aging by engaging in healthy life style but unless you are no longer with us (if that’s the case how are you reading this post?), you are going to wake up each new day, a bit older. Over a period of time we see some of us don’t like to recognize reality, we want to wash & rinse it away, smooth it over or drop a few pounds along with maybe a tuck here and there. In many parts of the world its an obsession and a money-maker for others.

Here’s my problem, and if not now, it will be yours sooner or later; age is inevitable. Shocking isn’t it?! Why the whole thing should be done away with but wait, it sort of has, it seems there are many of you out there which want anyone over perhaps the age of 50, to go away. Retire somewhere, take a cruise, just don’t be on the road when I’m driving.

Think I’m joking?  I am and I’m not, and here’s an example.
Dr Who fans in ageism row. Peter Capaldi ‘too old’ some fans say….
Video: New Doctor Who revealed

Wow! I’ve heard of people complaining about their doctor is too old, but a science fiction character for TV, really? You know the whole series won’t last if they put someone on that’s 55 years old. Wait a minute, you mean it’s already been done before?

Dr Who age debut statistics

I thought about this after I made this post…. What if the entertainment moguls had said, Morgan Freeman, you’re getting too old to act? What if the producers and various financial supporters of Clint Eastwood said, Mr. Eastwood, you’re getting to old to direct? I could add others to the list but the point is, it’s ridiculous. If you’re a younger person (and this is all relative), don’t be intimidated working with someone older, someday you will be that older person in the room.

Obviously there have been a variety of ages for Dr. Who, and after all isn’t he just someone who selects a mask for a while but essentially, he’s ageless? Maybe in this age of enlightenment we might be able to judge people on the basis of their contribution not age?

a new book reveals gay comic book super heroes

Gay, narcissistic and kinky – Batman – the Independent UK 4 Aug 2013

Ah! What’s next? Perhaps a gay super hero/ heroine?

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