We’re in the business of entertainment?

21 Jul

Occasionally Hollywood makes a mistake, goes out on a limb and makes a film for the sake of art (tongue firmly in cheek).
Nestor Studios, the first film studio in Hollywood

The distance between success and failure often comes down to will this turkey fly and can we make a sequel?

super bats man

Superman & Batman announced in movie together for 2015

Apparently the Man of Steel made enough to justify a sequel but why place all your monies on one film super hero when you can combine two franchises into one. Zack Snyder announced at the San Diego Comic Convention there will be a Superman sequel with Superman & Batman together.

I can’t speak for the Hollywood elite, but when are they going to catch on, the real money is writing a good story featuring this magnificent lady? Are they afraid Wonder Woman might be too much for the men in tights?

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman should get her own movie

Let’s not forget, a lot of the fun of going to Comic-Con in San Diego is dressing for the part. Who needs Halloween?

What’s better than costumes; check out this 400 lb robot brought to Comic-Con.

Just when you think things can’t get better than all this sequel talk;
Steven Spielberg Predicts ‘Implosion’ of Film Industry. Thanks George & Steve, you guys make your bundle and then say it’s all over.

How did Hollywood first develop?

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