The many faces of comedy

20 Jul

Do you know the one about . . . ? Well, of course not and that’s what I’m about to tell you. So begins the humorous banter of many comedians.

Comedians are known for deceiving an audience. It’s part of their trade to find ways to misinform and pull a fast one on those listening or watching. It’s even more of a send up if a supposedly serious actor manages to sneak one by us….

If fooling an audience works, why not use this device to have us all laugh at a person within the skit? Here’s a little mischief to provide us all a laugh. (a very young Rowan Atkinson)

Nicolas Cage - 2011 San Diego Comic-Con (Photo: Wikipedia)

Nicolas Cage – 2011 San Diego Comic-Con (Photo: Wikipedia)

Most of the time, an audience loves to be beguiled, but sometimes this backfires. Some entertainers are unable to understand how much the joke is about them.  “For a while there, it was the three Cs; castles, comic books and cars.” He gives me a doleful look. “I just can’t get that stuff off of me,” says Nicolas Cage: ‘People think I’m not in on the joke’. I don’t know many actors who can make the statements he does and get away with them.  (Emma Brockes – The Guardian, 19 July 2013)

His behavior hasn’t gone unnoticed and has generated numerous jokes.

Q: What does Nicolas Cage have to do in exchange for the IRS forgiving his tax debt?
A: Apologize for “Bangkok Dangerous”, “Season of the Witch”, & “Knowing”!
Q: What’s the difference between Nicolas Cage and a jug of water?
A: Water spills, Nicolas Cage takes pills.

After a difficult day on the set Nicolas Cage returns to his neighborhood and is shocked to find police and fire trucks surrounding the smoldering remains of his house. After explaining who he was he asks; “What happened?” “Well,” one of the officer’s says, “It seems that your agent came by your house earlier today and while he was here he attacked your wife, assaulted your children, beat your dog and burned your house to the ground.” The actor is struck speechless, his jaw hanging open in disbelief, “My agent came to my house? (

Dawn French & Jennifer Saunders

Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders sketch artists (photo: The Telegraph UK)

Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders, the queens of comedy. BBC Radio 2

It’s clever when the audience is fooled by the joke, good the audience enjoys a joke with us, seldom acceptable if the joke is about us.


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