Truth no stranger to fiction

24 Jun

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction . . .

For instance, Man of Steel was knocked down without Kryptonite this weekend by Monsters and Zombies.

Welcome to the real world of entertainment where a fictional flying, indestructible, indefatigable man in a cape is beaten at the box office by cartoon computer imagery and another movie about dead people (zombies) running amok.

Meanwhile creative people have many outlets, including a Robotic Clone that can give You dirty looks.

A Global Future 2045 conference, cybernetics enthusiasts, life extension researchers, and singularity proponents, can get together in one place.
Held at Lincoln Center in New York the conference featured topics from brain life extension to immortality around 2045. Hmmm, I wonder if I’ll make it?

Also on display was inventor Hiroshi Ishiguro showing off his latest robotic clone. The Geminoid HI-2 robot, is an exact replica of Ishiguro, with lifelike tics and shrugs. It also scratches itself and fidgets just like a human. During the exhibit the Geminoid also gave unprompted dirty looks. Ishiguro is one of the world’s top experts on human-mimicking robots and wants his creations to be as close to a human as possible.

Hubble telescope two worlds collide

Hubble telescope shows formation collision of spiral galaxies NGC 2936 & elliptical companion, NGC 2937

The Hubble telescope shows two galaxies collide and deform each other; creating new stars out of gas and dust.
“Gas and dust drawn from the heart of NGC 2936 becomes compressed during the encounter, which in turn triggers star formation.”
Wow! You mean this sort of thing doesn’t just occur in Hollywood?

The Hub L.A., a Los Angeles co-working collective, is offering high-tech equipment to let its users make all the media they want.

” …  for creatives who rely on more equipment than fits in a tote bag–like video editors and filmmakers–the options for space and community are more limited and expensive.”

The Hub L.A., celebrated earlier this year, the opening of its new, 3,200-square-foot satellite space, the Hub L.A. Media Lab, just downstairs from the main Hub space. Access to the lab starts at $75 per month.

It seems there will be more dust and gas colliding after all…

Results from the weekend box office —
Box Office Mojo
Studio Estimates Weekend June 21-23, 2013


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One response to “Truth no stranger to fiction

  1. Christopher J Barfoot

    25/06/2013 at 19:55

    I have always had a love of science fiction- I grew up my mouth permanently agog- staring in absolute stricken awe at Star Trek, Space 1999, UFO, The Time Tunnel and Thunderbirds etc and it shaped me, my mindset anyway.

    When Star Wars came along I was ten years old; and that was it… I was gonna be a filmmaker, somehow… someday. It’s taken a lifetime and now, finally- after several award winning shorts and TV broadcasts- I’m on the brink of directing my first feature- an action/horror entitled ‘Hell’s Gate – The Risen’. I hope to make a great success of this and eventually shoot my Sci-Fi…

    Although great stuff pops up all of the time, I can’t help but feel the best has already been and gone- The Terminator (WOW) what a brilliant concept… cybernetic android robots travelling time to murder the mother of a future enemy… of course, under scrutiny the fabric fails and falls apart… I mean… why not go back to her mother’s mother and so on… why stop at sending one terminator… why not ten, a hundred… a thousand? Because- it’s a movie dummy… But still… what an amazing movie… indeed amazing set of movies…

    Even The Matrix is concerned with the same kinda robot themed self aware super-computer with designs upon the destruction of human life… in fact- scrub that… all life… all that- which is of a biological nature… there are no birds in that future… one or two dogs maybe… so what do the sons of our sons consume (as sustenance) in this future society? Dogs? Each other? A little Soilent Green perhaps?

    Then we have Replicants- Skin Jobs… self aware – self governing humanoids created in impossible manufacturing environments! Components that mimic the flesh in finite detail… Man playing God… again… So, do androids dream of electric sheep? I suspect that one we shall find out, or at least they shall… It;s coming… science fiction is already science fact. It’s a kind of inevitability that humans must go forward whatever the risks for humanity just because ‘we can’… we can- so we do. I think it’s gonna bite us on the arse… we invite it, beg for it… we may yet be the architects of our own destruction. What if: we are simply a necessary step on the evolutionary ladder- here… simply to initiate artificial life before our own extinction? What if our arrogant and selfish greedy and despicable race was cursed from the first amoebic atoms that surfaced from the pre-Pangaean primordial soup?

    Perhaps we are fodder for future droids or even some embryonic stage awaiting bionic birth… a sort of ‘Demon Seed’ are there genetic schematics for machines that even now hide inside the man?…

    Perhaps one day we shall become something simply enhanced… or worse something more metal than man… Perhaps- we are the Borg…

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