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21 Jun

ImageHollywood loves to tie things together in myth. Both films, Superman Returns and Man of Steel have been analyzed for their religious overtone. Figuring this has worked in the past, why not skip the supers and go right to the top?

Why the Bible Is Hollywood’s Favorite Book

by Robert J. Morgan Huffington Post 
10 April 2013
“Suddenly the Bible is Hollywood’s favorite book. Running low on superheroes and serial killers, Tinseltown has discovered what Cecil B. DeMille knew long ago — there’s no book like the Bible and no stories like those within its pages.”

“Earlier this year, The History Channel’s 10-part miniseries The Bible attracted the largest American cable television audience so far this year. Huge ratings were unsurprising given that the 76 per cent of the American population identify as Christian, and the 31 per cent believe that The Bible is the actual and literal word of God.”

Why is Hollywood returning to The Bible?

by Kieran Turner-Dave – The Independent Arts, Film
3 June 2013
“Biblical stories have consistently re-emerged throughout the history of cinema. Flamboyant filmmaker Cecil B. DeMille’s epics such as Samson And Delilah and The Ten Commandments were wildly successful during The Golden Age, as they applied the director’s huge showmanship to the miracles, natural disasters and great battles of The Old Testament.”

Hollywood seeks divine inspiration with biblical epics.

Hollywood seeks divine inspiration with biblical epics
By Tom Brook The Reel World | BBC 2 May 2013

“Hollywood’s interest in biblical epics is to some extent cyclical – in the 1950s and early 60s they were a staple. Legendary filmmaker Cecil B DeMille made a big impact with The Ten Commandments in which Charlton Heston played Moses. Other biblical hits from the time included Solomon and Sheba, David and Bathsheba and Ben-Hur. These films dominated the box office.”

What would happen if the union required super heroes to join?

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